You can never have enough hair for Poser or DazStudio. Fortunately for those of us on a tight budget there is a lot of really high quality hair out there for the various figures. The following is a quick rundown of some of what is available.


Kozaburo has a good selection of very high quality hair available in the downloads section of his site Digital Babes. the following is a sample of what is available:

 Koz's Long HairLong Hair EvolutionShort Hair EvolutionKyoko Hair MK3Koz's Messy HairKoz's Pony TailKoz's UpDo HairAllBackStyleKoz's Short HairRei HairAlice HairChignon HairShort Bob



Adorana has a good selection of dynamic hair and skull caps for V3 and M3 available on their site.

Izetta HairFerro HairAnnelle Hair M3Ferro Hair M3Gianco Hair M3Tabare Hair M3Calcaria HairBaronie HairAdema Hair 2Shena HairAurora HairTriora HairGianco HairLeolin HairTabare HairAdema HairAnnelle Hair


Ladyfyre Graphics

Ladyfyre Graphics has some free hair available. Two of these items were previously on sale at Renderosity but are now available free.

Smart HairSweep Hair 2003Mega HairSweep Hair for P4 woman

One thought on “Free Poser Hair

  1. Hi thank you so much for these freebies, I got poser for my 60th birthday, I dont know what my family were thinking ha ha.

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